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42 reviews

Great 1st experience!

Briana R.

I'm overwhelmed with how easy this was to get handled for us. XL Contracting was with us every step of the way. We honestly had to do nothing on our part. Between Robin in the office to Bryan and the crews getting the work done. Definitely the best contacting business in Northern Illinois. Thank you so much.

Above and Beyond!!!

Trent W.

Justin is with out question an absolute pleasure to work with! He makes sure to always take his time to make sure that he is in communication and that everything is taken care of. XL Contracting is clearly more focused in making sure that homeowners needs like myself, are taken care of first, opposed to previous experiences that I have had where the ONLY focus is how to get more money... Thank you for being awesome!!

Gorgeous Roof

Ryan R.

Roof looks great. XL is amazing.

Excellence and Professionalism

Julie M.

Roof replacement was a breeze. I contacted XL regarding a leaky flat roof over my porch. After taking a look at it I was informed the roof had hail damage and needed to be replaced. Pepe was an all star from beginning to end. Great communication, professional and thorough. Would highly recommend XL Contracting. This company knows its stuff.

Roof replacement

Michele J.

Justin was easy to work with and responsive. The crew worked on extremely hot and humid days with exceptional character. The clean up was excellent as well! I would recommend XL for anyone looking to replace their roof. Excellent customer service, crew members, and Robin in the office was a delight! Thank you XL!!!

Its done

Curtiss P.

David was great to work with. Jason read our policy and we went from 17,000 dollars to 99,000 a big difference. The workers did a great job. The siding and door guys left a few nails.

Guess and downspouts

Frank G.

Just as expected! Job done fast and as promised. The price was great and the quality of the work was fantastic.

they back there work

Donald O.

several times my fascia and soffet came apart and they were here right away to fix it...and did a great job..the rain gutter guy they recommended sucked, but i highly recommend everything else

Its done

Curtiss P.

I was very pleased with David keeping me informed; he was a blessing. The roofing men were great and thoughtful, the siding men did a great job on the house, but left nails in the driveway, likewise the roll up door men just dropped their nails. Overall the work was done well and timely and we are very satisfied. I should mention Jason got the insurance straightened out so rather than the 17,000 dollars they offered we ended up with 99,000

Great Service, Great workmanship

Adam B.

These guys did a fantastic job from start to finish. It was a hassle free experience. My concern was going to be time frame and cleanup. The team had finished my roof and not a nail or mess in sight. When deciding the color of the roof, I was provided numerous pictures to compare with our brick and we were steared in the right way. I have referred XL contracting to a number of people since doing the work.

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