As much as we would like to believe that every roofing contractor is there for your best interests, that's unfortunately not always the case. 

Ask these five questions to ensure that your roofer is genuinely there to help you!

  • Are You Licensed?

The very first thing that you should ask is if they’re licensed. Every state has different legal codes and requirements that contractors have to follow. As a homeowner, you need to know if your roofing contractor will follow these codes.  If their state requires a license, they should be able to provide that documentation. Don’t be afraid to ask to see physical copies; it is better to be safe than sorry!

Also, make sure your roofer’s license is updated. Codes and roofing materials change with the times, so roofers need to have up-to-date licenses.

  • Is Your Business Local? 

Picking a contractor to hire that is local to your area is crucial. You should always ask a contractor where their physical office is located and make sure they have a local phone number. This guarantees that you will be able to find them if you are having an issue with your roof. If the roofer uses a P.O. Box as their primary address, that’s a sign that they’re just in it for the money.

  • How About Workman’s Compensation? 

It doesn’t matter if your roofer has a full-time staff and no subcontractors; it is still your best interest to ask if he has workman’s compensation insurance.

It is required by law for roofing companies to offer workman’s compensation for their employees. If a roofer doesn’t have workman’s compensation insurance, you could be held liable for any medical expenses if someone gets injured on your property.

  • What is Your Workmanship Warranty? 

Roof warranties are in place to protect your investments. If you’re paying good money for good shingles, they need to be protected for a long time. New shingles should last about 20-25 years.

If your roof doesn’t last at least 20 years for any reason, there should be a warranty. If they offer less than 20 years of warranty coverage, do not sign on with this roofer. A short-term warranty is a way that a roofer is ripping you off.

  • Will I Receive a Written Estimate?

You should never sign a contract with a roofer unless you know that you will get a written estimate. You need to know the exact costs of the entire roofing project. Their responsibility is to provide a complete, detailed estimate after your roof inspection. If they don't, you should NOT sign with them. 

If you’re looking for a roofing contractor who can answer all 5 of these questions, XL Contracting has you covered! If you want a free quote from a roofer you can trust, call 844-500-9595 or visit our website to schedule a free inspection!