Siding is one of the most visible elements of a house. Odds are, if your siding is failing to look the part, then it’s failing to do its job too. 

Most homeowners only have to replace their siding once, unless it’s damaged by severe storms,  so doing it right the first time is  vital. Here’s a list of signs that can help you recognize when it’s time for replacement.

Cracked, Warped, or Rotted Siding

Siding is exposed to the elements all day, every day, for years. Siding that is cracked, warped, or rotted damages your home’s curb appeal and is most likely not doing the best job at protecting your home. Walk around your home for a thorough visual inspection. If you notice that some of your siding is soft or crumbling, that can be a sign of rot and it’s probably best to call a professional. 

Color Fading

Siding that is  severely fading is a tell-tale sign that its weatherproofing is on its last life. You can judge your siding color by comparing it to surrounding houses. Fading doesn’t necessarily mean that you need a replacement right away, but you should consider exploring different options for the future.

Blisters or Bubbles

If you notice bubbling or blisters forming beneath the surface of your siding, then that means moisture has been trapped within it. Siding is supposed to prevent moisture from entering your home, so this is a good indication that it is no longer doing its job. The long-term solution is to replace your siding with a more resilient material, like fiber cement products.

Higher Energy Bills

If your energy bills have soared beyond the norm and you’ve ruled out leaks, drafty windows, and insulation, then you should consider your siding being responsible. Siding is supposed to help your home retain heat and cold. Old siding doesn’t insulate well, and it will reflect on your energy bill.

Pest Damage

Termites, woodpeckers, and other pests can cause serious damage to your home. If pests are a frequent problem with your home, you may want to consider looking into siding options that are minimally appealing to them. 

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, don’t wait any longer. At XL Contracting, we don’t just replace siding in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin - we provide start-to-finish expertise and service to all of our residential and commercial clients. Visit to fill out the brief form for a free quote on your next project!