With the advent of extreme summer temperatures, staying cool is at the top of most people’s minds. The quality of your windows has a significant impact on your home's temperature. Our energy-efficient windows are designed for the unique needs of our Midwestern climate, providing superior efficiency and performance year-round.

Besides having quality windows, a few tips and tricks can turn a stuffy and hot home into a breezy and comfortable one. Below are five ways to cool your home.

Stacked Ventilation

Stacked ventilation is an easy way to suck in cool air while pushing out warm air. You can do this by opening the bottom of your windows to allow cooler air to flow into your home. Then, open the top of the windows to allow warmer air to escape.

Tilt the Window Blinds

Simply closing your blinds completely doesn’t allow you to enjoy any natural light or views that summer holds. You have to be strategic with your blinds. Tilt the slats so that the light shines up. This directs the sun towards a light-colored ceiling and diffuses the strength of the light. Diffused light means less heat!

Free Up Your Air Flow

You don’t have to open every window in your house to take advantage of an outdoor breeze. Try opening specific windows to allow the breeze to flow entirely through the house. For example, don't open up all of the windows on one side of the house. Open up windows opposite each other in the house; that way, the breeze flows from both sides equally throughout your home. 

Two-story Home? 

It’s challenging to regulate the temperature in a one-story house, so two stories can be even more tedious. A tip you can try is to open the windows on the first floor that face the wind to bring in cooler air. Then, open the windows opposing the wind to help lead warm air out on the second floor. You can also turn ceiling fans on upstairs to further pull cooler air up and warm air out.

Pick Lighter Colors

Light colors reduce heat by reflecting light, so the lighter, the better when you’re picking out treatments for your windows. Navy blue blinds are much more likely to absorb and protect heat than cream-colored blinds. 

By following these tips, your home should be as cool as a cucumber, even on those hot summer evenings. Whether you require new windows from XL Contracting or are just in need of tilted window blinds, we’ve got you covered!