Are you planning on building or remodeling your home this summer but aren’t sure how you want to design the exterior? Maybe you are unsure if certain styles are still trending, or perhaps you just want to know what the next big thing will be.

This blog post will explore popular exterior colors, materials, and elements that will be seen a lot this summer.

Popular Home Colors

Black and white pairings will still be popular in 2022. However, the previously used bright whites will be replaced with much warmer and cream-colored whites. We can also expect white painted brick will replace farmhouse siding. 

The complete opposite is also expected to trend going forward. Dark, rich colors will be seen used on sections of your home without committing to painting your entire house a dark color. An example of this could be painting your shutters or front door a dark color while keeping the rest lighter. 

Other popular color palettes include soft neutrals, greens, and blues that blend seamlessly into nature. 

Popular Exterior Design Elements

One of the biggest trends is adding natural textures to your home exterior. This can include wood trim and other wood elements, and stone accents. Other trends include metal roof accents (like our weather-resistant and customizable metal roofs), dark gutters that contrast with white home exteriors, and many bronze and copper elements. 

The only downside of having natural wood, metal, and copper trending elements is that these materials can be pricey. However, there are ways to get this look on a lower budget. You can choose vinyl siding and faux stone for starters.

How We Can Help

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