When planning on selling your home, it is common to wonder what you could do to increase its value. One of the most valuable investments you could make is a new roof. Based on a national average, a new roof can increase your home by $12,000! It could also aid in negotiating the asking price and getting your home off the market quicker.

Why Should You Invest in a New Roof?

Your roof may look fine from the ground, but you may not realize that your roof actually has some damage. Investing in a new roof can increase your home's appearance and curb appeal, and provide many other benefits.


First impressions are critical to a potential buyer. Your home should be visually appealing, and your roof has a significant impact on that. An attractive home invites buyers inside and leaves a long-lasting impression.

Increase Warranty Length

Many older roofs only have a warranty of 15-25 years. Advancing technology has improved roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, and warranties have gotten longer. This provides peace of mind to potential buyers and lets them know that they won’t need to worry about repairs or replacements costing them a lot of money.

Fix All Problems

Replacing your roof means starting on a clean slate. Any repairs that were needed with the previous roof go out the window. Instead of wasting time and money on multiple minor repairs, consider replacing the entire roof to guarantee that you’re leaving the house as reliable as possible.

Improve Property Value

Not only does a new roof improve the appearance of your home, but it increases functionality too. Your roof is the number one line of defense against the elements. It is also your home’s primary insulator. With a new roof, you can better control your home’s energy efficiency and have lower utility bills. Potential buyers are always looking for ways to save some money, which is a great point when negotiating a selling price.

How We Can Help

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