Everyone loves a spookily decorated house during Fall. Not only can you put fun blow-ups, statues, and lights around your yard, but you can also spook up your roof. The critical thing to remember is to be safe when decorating. The last thing you want is for you or someone else to get hurt during such a fun season! Read on for five tips on how to safely decorate your house for Halloween!

Always Ask For Help

When you are debating getting on the roof for ANY reason, another person should be near. The second person should act as a spotter while you are attempting to climb onto your roof. They should hold the ladder steady, so you can safely make your way to the top. Even after you are on the roof, you must still have someone with you while decorating. This way, if an injury were to occur, your partner would be able to get help ASAP. Plus, you never know when you will need someone to tell you if something looks off. 


Watch Out For Roof Damage

Discolored or missing shingles are an accident waiting to happen. Wear and tear throughout the years can cause these areas to become extremely weak. Falling through your roof while decorating? Now that's scary. Before walking on your roof, you must check for all damages and avoid walking around those areas. You can check to the best of your ability by having your spotter hold the ladder steady while you stand at the top and examine your roof. If you have inspected your roof but are still wary or unsure of damage, you should contact a trusted roofing professional for a free inspection. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Inspect Lights and Cords Before Installing

It is best to check all lights and extension cords before installing them onto your roof. Ensure that they work correctly and are in good condition. Even the slightest fray in a wire could end up causing your shingles to set fire. Also, keep in mind that you should always use outdoor lights. They are made to withstand the outside elements, and indoor lights are not. 

Protect Plugs from Water

A simple way to protect plugs from water and rain is using electrical tape to wrap the intersecting areas. If you are plugging one cord into another, you can use electric tape to cover both parts of the plugs so water cannot get in between. When you put them away, the tape will peel off easily. It’s a hassle-free way to protect your plugs. 

You should also avoid hanging lights around the edge of your gutters or the valleys in your roofing. Water tends to build up in these areas, and it could create a safety hazard. If you know of any other sites where water or snow settles in, do your best to avoid placing lights nearby. 

Use the Correct Ladder

When decorating your roof, you should use a ladder at least three feet taller than your roof. It also needs to be sturdy and secure. As previously mentioned, someone should hold the ladder steady any time you are climbing on top of the roof. Approach the roof from an area that is damage-free to ensure that it will be able to hold your weight safely. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If your roof is unsafe to decorate, don’t risk injuring yourself or others. At XL Contracting, we offer FREE roof inspections to ensure your family's and home's safety. You can also hire a professional to decorate for you. It is better to be safe than sorry. Have a happy and safe Halloween!