If your home was hit by severe weather this summer, who knows what might be lurking on your roof! Blisters, hail damage, curling, or missing shingles… or worse, hidden roof leaks. A roof in need of repair can look spooky and cause scary problems. As we approach winter and the weather gets colder, these problems will worsen if left untreated. 

October is the perfect time if you have not yet scheduled a roof inspection. Read below to learn what signs to watch out for and how a quick roof inspection can save you money!

Curling or Missing Shingles

Curling or missing shingles will have your house looking like it is straight out of a horror film. If you notice either of these, this is a HUGE sign that you should get a roof inspection ASAP. Did you know that a single missing shingle can lead to a roof leak? As your roof ages, the shingles naturally loosen, and you may see some curling or buckling. Moisture, improper installation, and multiple roofing layers can all be the cause of your scary-looking shingles. No matter the case, you should contact an expert as soon as possible so that they can assess the damage and determine the best course of action before it gets worse!


The appearance of mold can be terrifying, no matter the time of year. A leaky roof can turn into mold quicker than you think. The CDC cites mold and mildew as significant health risks that can produce allergens, irritants, and toxic substances. That’s scary! Common areas for mold include window frames and casing, areas around gutters, exterior siding, and interior insulation. Due to humidity levels, your attic is also a prime target for mold growth. Even if your roof isn’t leaking, improper ventilation can still set the stage for explosive mold growth. The last thing you want is for your family to suffer a mold-related sickness during the holiday season. A seasonal roof inspection is one way to keep your roof in check! 


Have you been feeling sudden gusts of chilly air hitting you? The good news is that those cold breezes in your home aren’t coming from a ghost. Improper attic insulation and inadequate sealing around windows and doors will cause unexplained temperature fluctuations and drafts. Sealing these leaks can lower your utility bills and reduce wear and tear on your HVAC system. It won’t have to work near as hard to heat your home throughout the colder seasons. 

Water Damage and Leaks

This issue could be the most threatening of all. Leaky roofs can cause serious problems other than mold. Water damage is sneaky and may not be apparent until the damage is significant. A common cause of roof leaks is summer storm damage. During this time, your roof often takes a beating from strong winds, heavy rains, and hail – all of which can cause issues that lead to roof leaks and then water damage. As the weather turns colder, snow and ice will only add to the damage. A qualified roofing company can promptly identify leaks and water damage before it becomes more costly. 

Don’t Be A Bone Head, Get An Inspection Today!

Roof damage is scary, but costly repairs can be terrifying! Call XL Contracting today at        (844) 507-6551 to schedule a free inspection to ensure your roof is ready for winter. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for news and updates!