2022 is coming to a close, and we all have hopes for what the New Year will bring. Putting effort into home maintenance can benefit your home's appearance and your wallet! These essential home maintenance steps can be done year-round to keep your home in excellent condition! 

Trim it Down

Your lawn, shrubs, and trees all need a little TLC every once in a while. Staying on top of your landscaping provides great benefits. 

  • Fewer critters: Tall grass is the perfect spot for small animals to hide. This could be a risk if you have children or pets in the house so make sure to keep your lawn mowed! Trees hanging over your home are also a great way for critters to hop onto your roof and make their way into your home. Trim trees that hang over your roof to help eliminate the chance of unwanted visitors. 

  • Appearance: Having your landscaping in order will boost your home's curb appeal. Give your neighbors something to talk about with a beautifully groomed yard. 

  • Protection: Critters aren’t the only risk trees hanging over your roof can cause. A build-up of leaves and debris could lead to a leak inside your home or rotting on your roof. This also increases the chances of a branch falling on your home during a storm. Prevent these damages by trimming branches over your house! 

Clean Gutters

You should be cleaning your gutters AT LEAST once a year and keep an eye on your gutters year-round to look for any abnormalities. If your gutters are clogged, they could start to detach from your house, lose shape, and cause water damage to the interior of your home. If your gutters are not draining water off your roof correctly, it's time to grab your ladder to clean them out! There are tools that can assist you in cleaning your gutters, or you could call a professional to get them back in mint condition. 

Power Wash

Bring out the power washer and get your siding and pavement cleaned up! Power washing your walkways or driveway can help restore the original color. You can also use your power washer to clean the siding on your home. Over time, you can start to accumulate buildup on your siding. Once you notice discoloration, it's time to start cleaning! Some tips for power washing your siding include: 

  • Use medium pressure: Too much pressure can remove paint from your siding. 

  • Add a detergent: Add soap or other detergents to help get that shiny clean look you desire. 

  • Wear eye protection & watch out for electricity: Keep safety in mind and protect yourself and your home while power washing. 

Get A Roof Inspection

Did you know that the National Roofing Contractors Association recommends getting your roof inspected at least twice a year? Getting your roof inspected can help prevent sneaky damage from worsening. At XL Contracting, we offer FREE roof inspections to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers. Contact us to schedule one today!