Are you spotting icicles forming on your gutters and at the edge of your roof? This could be a sign that an ice dam is forming on your roof! Keep reading to learn more about this winter roof issue and what to do if you spot one! 

What is an ice dam?

Ice dams occur when the upper areas of an icy roof begin to thaw, and the lower perimeters are still frozen. The melted ice and snow flow down the roof and will refreeze once it meets the ice at the bottom. This creates a dam where water will pool behind instead of draining down your gutters and off of your roof. When more snow falls on top of your roof, moisture gets trapped by the ice dam and poses a real threat to leaking into your home through the cracks and joints in your roofing material. 

What are the effects of ice dams?

An ice dam can trap moisture against your roof, making it more prone to severe leaks. Roof leaks can cause structural damage, interior damage, and encourage mold growth. A roof leak caused by an ice dam can affect your attic, ceiling, and walls if it gets out of hand. The pocket of water held by an ice dam is a serious risk to your roof and home!

How can ice dams be prevented?

Although there isn’t a way to eliminate the possibility of ice dams, proper insulation and a solid attic ventilation system can help prevent the risk. If spots are underinsulated, heat from your home then rises to the roof, melting the snow. The best way to avoid ice dams and leaks caused by them is by having effective attic insulation. You can also use modified rubber underlayments for areas with this possible scenario. 

How We Can Help 

If you spot the warning signs of ice dams, it could be time to call in a professional! XL Contracting can assess your attic insulation levels to see if your home needs additional protection. Call us at (844) 507-6551 or visit our website to schedule your free inspection today!