The summertime can be HOT! Your home is constantly working overtime to protect you from the heat. Here are some things you can do this summer to ensure your home is adequately insulated and ready to stay cool! 

Cooling Curtains

Cooling curtains make a huge difference in your home! Cooling curtains, or blackout curtains, keep the sun out. This can help keep the temperature down inside during those hot summer days. These curtains are a one-time expense that can help keep your home insulated year-round. 

Replace Old Windows

Old windows can have poor insulation and lead, allowing cold air out. It is time to replace if you can feel a draft from any of your windows or doors! New windows can save homeowners money on their heating and cooling bills. 


In the summertime, be sure your ceiling fans are turning counterclockwise. This will help keep your rooms at optimal cooling. Window fans are a great option to pull in cool outside air during the evenings and through the night. 

Roof Inspection

Your attic is one of the most common places for insulation. Insulation is intended to keep your home temperature controlled. Over the years, the insulation inside your home can wear down and must be replaced. We recommend getting an annual roof inspection to keep track of your roof's health and insulation. With every inspection, your contractor will check inside your home to ensure your home is adequately insulated. 

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