Summer is here, and the season of home improvement has begun. Most people dread this time of year when it comes to checking on their home’s health because the damage from winter and spring could be costly. However, having these semi-annual inspections and improvements helps keep you and your home protected. If you think you could need a roof replacement, several things should be considered to protect your investments.

  • Does your roof need to be replaced or repaired?

Is your roof at its full term of service? Are there damaged or missing shingles? Do you notice any curling, waving, or sagging shingles or interior water spots on your ceilings? These are all significant signs that your roof is at the end of its life and requires restoration. Scheduling a free inspection could help determine if your roof needs to be entirely replaced or minor repairs.

  • Is your house properly ventilated?

Have you noticed your attic is hot or humid? Insufficient ventilation could trap moisture and heat inside your attic and home and lead to the premature deterioration of your roof. During an inspection, roofing contractors will understand how to properly ventilate and ensure your home is ventilated before your roof replacement.

  • Make sure to use suitable materials.

Using the right materials can ensure the longevity of your roof rather than costing you in the long run. If your roof is supposed to last more than 25 years, make sure not to use materials that last 10-15 years. Researching the different types of shingles and materials used in roofing could help you avoid unnecessary repairs or another replacement. Using an Owens Corning Platinum contractor would be a significant first step to getting the best materials for your roof replacement.

  • Ensure there are two warranties provided.

Ensure you have received at least two warranties when your roof replacement is underway or complete. One warranty is provided by the roofing company, which covers the workmanship, and the other covers the materials from the manufacturer. You should reassess the project if you are missing either of these warranties. 

  • Are you prepared for the project?

Projects like roof replacements can take a while and involve noise and people throughout your home and property. Finding arrangements for pets and other family members that would be bothered by the noise, duration, and people is something to remember for their safety and comfort. 

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